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Startup Journey so far

As anyone who is a fresher into their field would have both the hunger to discover and curiosity to know how things workaround. Similar was my case, knowing how an organization operates and how I would add myself as an essential gear to it.

Time went by and it was wonderful to actually see things that I would have helped create come to life and serve a purpose. That very happiness and satisfaction grew roots in me and in no time my appetite to make something, anything that would make a difference to this society, make it easier, better-increased functioning in a system as thoughts of one were taking shape in my mind was conflicting to me.

Family, friends and all would suggest me not to do anything stupid and stay in the well-earned comforts I was surrounded by, well, ideas had already taken shake in my thoughts and to silence them would not be a right thing to do to self, a software engineer took the leap of faith to become a founder, an entrepreneur.

One dream that every software engineer has is that the product they breathed life into is put to use to solve actual life problems. Seeing their ideas grow into other minds with the possibility that others too would nurture the idea with their own inputs, by keeping users at the centre and focusing on how we would be able to provide them with the best and at the same time keep improving.

On my very own journey to bring my dream of life, there have been ups and downs. Situations where some of the other factors would become a canyon too wide to cross, emotionally, technically, logically and the most financially. As a process, it is a very heavy one to pass through, to have like-minded people along and on top of that them being friends makes a huge difference. It becomes a family that we care about with warmth with the openness of friendship that we can enjoy.

Our idea was to solve a very simple but recurring issue. Eliminating the very queue at the store and making the shopping experience way better than it ever had been, there came many issues and deadends while defining the process. Months of iterations and hard work, friction, joy, and a pallet of emotions led to the first working product, Scan-Pay-Leave. With simultaneous ideas growing along to add different features like our own Wallet, Shareable Shopping List, Referral and so much more.

We have been in operation from the past 5 months and we’ve had experiences that could have never crossed our minds. One of the first and key things was to gain the trust of users who were getting to know about us for the very first time. How every other user has to be addressed in their own way to make them feel comfortable that we were not trying to market them some phoney deal but we were actual people trying to bring change and how much we value the users for helping us bring it. There were instances where we faced denial. There were moments of joy when a user would tell that we have made an unimaginable idea come to life and how excited they are with that thought, with every user, with every to-fro of correction in the manner we operate, we are still growing, a little better and more experienced than before.

Seeing that users have faith in us and enough that they even have added their money to wallet means a lot for an organization that is this at this stage of development. This very act of trust drives us to work even harder to maintain that trust. In these months of operations, we have seen the real face of entrepreneurship, it’s simply brutal right in your face but at the same time the rewards it gives as experiences, the joy, the very pleasure of solving those problems as a team, is really game-changing.

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