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A Counter less Check out at supermarkets.

Updated: May 7, 2020

Have you ever felt tired of standing in the queue in a supermarket? It is such a bugger and waste of time to have to wait for everybody in front of you in the line to move forward.

So we found it interesting to solve this problem. At Shopay we developed a product that allows you to eliminate the queue system! In fact the whole billing system! Intriguing, isn’t it?

Shopay is a mobile application allowing people to get into the store and scan the product of their interest and then pay through their phone and walk out of the store. The ideology behind this was to improve the current billing process which can cause a loss of 75% in any supermarket in the given time period. Everything started with the enthusiasm of wanting to solve social problems through technology and so a team of engineers driven by the force of one genius man, who designed and developed this model through his passion for coding and solving problems as an engineer was first formed.

The team was soon filled with more brainstorming engineers, marketing leads and business managers working on various departments and bringing only the best results.

Problems in Supermarket explained by Sanatan (Founder & CEO) at Shopay

I stay in the heart of Bangalore, Silicon-valley they say here in South India. Having a population of over 1.23 crore, the city is always full of people wherever you go.

Every time I walk into a store to buy my regular grocery or basic needs it becomes so hard for me to get out of the store without waiting for at-least fifteen minutes which sure is a big deal for me.

Why would someone wait ten minutes to buy a bottle of shampoo or a milk carton?

So we conducted a small survey to see and analyze this and all the other problems that a supermarket and its customers face on a day to day basis. According to our surveys, regular grocery stores generate 400–700 bills per day, meaning the number of customers in a locality is close to 4000 per day. Out of this 75% of people choose not to shop on a daily basis due to the crowd factor. Out of 450 inputs, 98% of them agreed to the fact that waiting in queues is what they do not like about offline shopping

Hence came the idea of Shopay! How ShoPay solves it? The system works on WALK-IN, SCAN and ONLINE PAYMENT system.

You search a store near you on the application, based on your requirement. ShoPay shows you the closest supermarket that syncs with your shopping list. Go to the store, scan the shop QR and start adding what you want to buy in your application cart. Pay online and ShoPay executives will help you transfer everything from cart to your carry bag. Then? Just walk out of the store. Sounds exciting right?

As we can see the tremendous growth in technology these days it is important that we use it to the fullest and in the right way. ShoPay is one among the first companies to deal with crowd management in the retail market and are working head-on in making a change that we all need and deserve.


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